Clint Patterson with Palo Alto Networks – Unit 42 Cybercrime Casefiles: A Ransomware Investigation

Threat actors are constantly innovating and adjusting their tactics to improve the likelihood of a successful attack. This is especially true for ransomware operators looking to make fast money – they want to get in fast, cause as much damage as possible and increase the pressure on organizations to pay a ransom. This is a difficult situation for any organization to face alone.
That’s why when a threat actor gained access to a large manufacturer’s systems and demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom payment, they called in Unit 42™ to help them respond with confidence.

Join Unit 42 in this session to hear:

  • A firsthand account of the investigation, including the anatomy of the attack and what steps the client took to get back up and running
  • Insight into key ransomware trends and evolving techniques
  • Recommendations to defend against attacks including proactive measures you can take
  • How to investigate beyond basic detection and response (XDR)
  • How Cortex XDR facilitates a deeper investigation after post-exploitation frameworks take hold

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