Jason Hernandez with Zscaler – Zero Trust Strategies

Jason Hernandez (CISSP, CISM) is an experienced systems administrator, security engineer and security analyst in the SaaS world. Passionate about helping organizations reduce risk by moving away from a perimeter network model. Currently focused on presales engineering at Zscaler, he is able to examine enterprise network and security architectures every day looking for vulnerabilities and communicating the risk of implicit trust. His real interest is the “why” of security controls and how they relate to overall security program maturity and ROI.

Zero Trust Strategies

Zero Trust Strategies:
What if you could remove all the users from your network and effectively eliminate 99.9% of your attack surface?  Organizations are searching for a more secure way to connect work-from-anywhere users to resources everywhere. We’ll discuss the Zero Trust model, the risk of VPN connections, the risk of encrypted network traffic and how we can reduce the overall attack surface.

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