Happy Hour and Manufacturer Discussions / Demos with FireEye, Accedian, Awake Security and Palo Alto Networks

  • FireEye – Lauren Burnell US Public Sector Cloud Security Strategist FireEye
    • In this Ransomware happy hour session, FireEye will share the latest threat trends, walk through the attack lifecycle leveraging real world case studies, and discuss key defense strategies your organization can proactively take against ransomware


  • Accedian – Mike Canney, Business Development North America
    • Accedian Skylight for Security provides the data needed to detect real-time suspicious, malicious and anomalous behaviors, providing a single source of truth for critical IT assets in the enterprise core, data center, and hybrid cloud architectures. It monitors every user, database, transaction, and packet with in-depth precision and unrivaled accuracy.


  • Awake Security – Patrick Olen, Director Awake Security Labs
    • Awake Labs managed network detection and response (MNDR) solution prevents and mitigates the impact of insider and external threats while minimizing the need to hire additional skilled resources. The solution significantly improves the maturity of your security program by delivering a comprehensive understanding of your attack surface, and then monitoring as well as threat hunting across all that infrastructure, whether on-premise, cloud, internet of things (IoT) or operational technology.


  • Palo Alto Networks – Jim Barry, Regional Sales Manager, Cyber Security Solutions and Jeremy Goldsmith, Systems Engineering Specialist
    • Jim and Jeremy will show you how Demisto enables security teams to ingest alerts across sources and execute standardized, automatable playbooks for accelerated incident response. Demisto’s playbooks are powered by hundreds of integrations and thousands of security actions, to help security teams stay focused on the most important tasks.


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